First long distance ruck from Kochel to Wolfratshausen



The day before the hike I bought the train ticket to force myself in the promise of no turning back. Had my bag and attire already ready for the hike. I didn’t wear anything too fancy, just a pair of jeans, undershirt plus t-shirt, and a jacket. Did wear fingerless gloves, where at times I wished they had fingers as well. Also did wish that I took a sweater, just have another layer, since with the jacket it was usually too warm, but without a bit too cold. On my feet I went this time around with double socking. The first layer were ArmaSkin socks and second some running socks. Did take an extra pair of running socks in the case if they got wet. And foot wear were just simple boots, nothing too special.

In my bag I was carrying four liters of water, 500g of Huel which converts into 2000kcal, eight cereal bars, each containing 110kcal, three bags of rice, each having 220kcal, four apples, a flask with some whiskey, water purifier, some bandages, emergency blankets, sleeping bag, headlamp with extra batteries, power bank, headphones, pocket knife, liquefied fructose, and tissues.


The minimal distance I wanted to walk was 40km from Kochel to Wolfratshausen. The path was great right after leaving the town. It was a nice single track along the river Loisach. The first 10km were nice in this way, walking close to water while also walking though wooded and swamp areas.

I took my first break an hour into the walk. I had a package of rice to keep up my carb count. An hour later a had a cereal bar followed by an apple. I alternated between the rice and cereal bars every hour or so. I didn’t do much rituals during the walk like elevating feet every 10km. Or drinking and eating on certain time intervals. I tried to maintain a constant full stomach and drink enough water, so that I would be hydrated enough.

The Forest

Did get lost in the forest around kilometer 15. The path I was following just stopped and had to estimate where I wanted to go. Luckily I did come upon a clearing and was able to find south, otherwise it would have been much more difficult to continue as planned. After the clearing I focused on two directions north and east, so that I could maintain the orientation. First I followed the clearing north until it ended and then east.

The path like way northwards was still fairly difficult. I was walking through high grass maybe half a meter tall but had to focus on not stepping into water and find the earth mounds. Since wet feet will make the hike much harder and one is more proned to get blisters.

The eastwards section wouldn’t be fun for most people but I was loving it. I loved it so much that I finished listening to podcasts and focused mainly on getting through to the other side. The largest issue was that when looking north the forest was so dense that one could not see through it, but I knew I had to get through.

Kept on continuing east until I found a spot where I thought I could tackle the challenge. But until I got to there I still had to hike among trees of the height to my hips combined with fallen over trees and other vegetation.

The Challenge

The spot I chose to get through was surrounded by evergreen trees. I with my short sleeves knew I had to get through there. I knew that I was going to get scratched up, but I didn’t worry much of my well being compared to that of my ruck. Pushed away the branches of the trees and I soon saw light from the other side, but the fun just started.

Got through and to my luck I was in the middle of a swamp. Good thing that I didn’t continue right away, otherwise I would have stepped right away into a stream. That would have been just perfect…

Looked right look left and found a small island that I could use as a stepping stone to get across. The only issue was that the way to the stone was blocked off with vegetation. Challenge accepted!

Luckily the vegetation were trees, so I turned around with my ruck hanging over the stream and climbed from one to another until I got to the island. After I overcame this obstacle the rest of woods were easy to overcome and the largest barrier was the electric fence that had no juice on it. Crossed the fence and walked through the grass patch where cows would feast.


On the other side, to my luck, a guy just came my way, whom I asked for directions to get to my destination. Good thing that he was a local. He happily helped and I continued my journey.

The path followed the base of rolling hills and then entered back into the forest.

That is when I took another larger break with a rice packet and a cereal bar. I also put my jacket on again, since it was getting quite chilly, especially once I removed the ruck and exposed my wet back.

The forest path eventually ended onto a golf course, which I also walked through. Even though technically it was a private path, but I didn’t want add any extra kilometers.

Loisach Channel

The next note worthy scenario was walking through Beuerberg, which has a monastery. I was walking through it while the others were walking to the grave yard or to mass. Since today was a Catholic holiday, all saints day.

Once I got down from the hill and back next to the river the rest of the path was fairly mundane. I walked a good 10km along the Loisach channel until I got to Wolfratshausen.

I did take a break to refuel, but other than that I tried to ignore eye contact and keep a steady pace, because almost everything was aching, from feet to knees, I don’t know which was worse. The last 10km did also take the longest on average. When comparing it to the previous 30km, I had an average pace of 3.5 kph compared to the previous 5 kph. The whole 40km I did in 9h and that is including the breaks.


After such a long hike, I have learnt a bit more of what I need to take with me next time as well. I need to take more layers or at least something that could cover my arms. Since as long as I didn’t wear a jacket, the skin on my arms were cooled down. Gloves would have been helpful. Fingerless gloves were better than nothing, though the fingers did still numb up.

Food and resources wise, I had more than enough and need ration it better. But if I had continued further another 40km it would have been perfect from the rations.

Once I took off my boots, I noticed that my socks were soaked. First I thought it was due to maybe stepping into the swamp at mid-trip. But later I realized that it due to sweating. I pealed off the various layers of socks, first the running socks, then the ArmaSkin socks. As I saw my feet I thought I have generated blisters because of their paleness and sogginess from water exposure. But that is all what it was, just that.



  • Rice bags: 3
  • Water in litres: 4.5l
  • Apples: 4
  • Cereal bars in grams: 200g
  • Huel in grams: 500g
  • Flask of whiskey
  • Energy Fluid, liquid fructose
  • Gomo Energy Packets: 5

Approximated calories in total: 3800kcal


  • AAA Batteries: 5
  • Headlamp
  • Power Bank
  • Sleeping Bag
  • First Aid Kit
  • Tissue Packages: 5
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Earphones
  • Emergency Blankets
  • Pocket Knife
  • Phone
  • Watch
  • Osprey Atmos 65 AG


  • Pants
  • Underwear
  • Undershirt
  • T-Shirt
  • Pairs of socks: 2 running socks and ArmaSkins
  • Jacket
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Hat
  • Hiking Boots




Get the map here.