The Author

Franjo Lukežić is a self-taught fullstack developer and proponent of FLOSS (Free (Libre) and Open Source Software). They are an avid mapper in the OSM (Open Street Map) community by contributing both on the local and global level. On their downtime, they like to wildcraft and debug dis-/misinformation.

Franjo's goal is

To share intriguing information so that they can spark out of the box thinking to enhance their experience within this lifetime.


In Progress/Contributor

Name Abbreviation Status Source
100 Week Mapping Challenge #MappingChallenge In Progress Source
Daily Blogging Challenge #DailyBloggingChallenge In Progress Source
Data Awareness and Sovereignity DAS In Progress
MyRuck.Club In Progress Source
Open Street Map OSM Contributor Source
Weekly OSM Blog weeklyOSM Contributor Source
Wikidata Contributor Source
Wordpress migration to Hugo bf5 In Progress Source


Name Source
Daily Blogging Challenge (100) Source
365 Day Mapping Challenge Source
Retrospection: 2021 km in 2021 Source


Name Status Source
Resources - Barefoostache Outdated Source
RuckFit Outdated Source
Tech - Barefootstache Outdated Source
20220 lbs * mi Challenge Discontinued Source
Fun Fact of the Week Discontinued Source
SCE Discontinued Source
Skeeters Discontinued Source

This Website

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